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I titled this dedication because as many of you know it takes alot of it to pursue snowboarding. Even if you're just out there for fun.

My passion for snowboarding began just a short four seasons ago when I moved back to my home land of Missoula, Montana. Before this I had been living in St. Louis, Missouri. A terrible place where I got myself into alot of trouble. Thankfully I got out of there and found something so near and dear to my heart. Something that could give me the feeling of freedom and joy. And just pure happiness I so desperately needed in my life. You all know what I'm talking about. The soft floatyness of a fresh dump of pow, the rush from landing you're first sick trick, and just the awesome community that surrounds this amazing sport.

But really to me this isn't a sport its a lifestyle, which there's no doubt in my mind you all understand where I'm coming from. I myself have given up alot to be on my board. My first three seasons I had no season pass, but made sure I was shredding at least 4 times a week. Snowboarding came above everything else. I worked hard, didn't really get to go out on the weekends of have extra money for things like that. I was dedicated. Dedicated to being on the slopes because thats what brought me joy. So truly what I was "giving up" meant nothing. I just wanted to slide no matter the cost.

At the beginning of this last season, I was offered a job as a lifty at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, ID. A true hidden gem. Being a lifty had been my dream job ever since beginning snowboarding. Soo I was stoked!! The 2013-2014 proved to be my most epic season yet! Even with fracturing my distal fib in the beginning of the season. I came back mid-february and finished the season with 65 days. :) To me seemed pretty good for being out for 8 weeks. Schweitzer is an amazing place! The riding, the people, the view, just awesome all around. Can't wait for the up coming season!

Anyway, I want to end this with saying how grateful I am to have found such a passion and something I truly love and want to dedicate myself to. Like really, who needs a man when ya have a snowboard ;) I'am also so grateful to my little bro and my pops. They helped me so much in the beginning and continue to help me progress to this day. That's the beauty of snowboarding, progression is endless. So enjoy the ride! And remember, the thing about the gnar is, its not gonna shred itself :)

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