Cycling in Albania

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Written and photo by:Adam Marshal

We in Albania! Richard Gasperotti

We deliver self-confidence when we leave Kosovo,where we met with a warm biker admission. Albania smells exotic, and many people attract their inaccessibility.Right after crossing the border, it is obvious that this country has made a leap that we can imagine. Albania, where cows were bred between bunkers thirty years ago , is now cousin of Italy in all directions. Excellent espresso in every hole, bidet for ladies and ladies , a neon revolution over every business and motorway , we'll never have that! A1 from Kosovo in Tirana has the surface that it is possible to roll on dumplings and the finished part already measures 110 km. And where does the Wind Jennifer live? This road had to shoot through rocky mountain ranges and wind the mountain valleys. Where do we vote for Albania? I've been here last timeTen years ago and such progress in such a short time, I have not seen anywhere in the world .We still do not know how much their 'lek' comes from, but we dine at four in ten euros, and drink it over the border. I do not remember how much it cost years ago, but today it will not hurt you either . Worse is the weather . Above the mountains, clouds are falling , the crest is shedding lightning , striking our plans on the lines. Prediction at mountain villages Theth and Valbonna are bad for the next three days .

''Albanian Alps once visited, and with a plan to snatch out their most beautiful places, we just do not like to say goodbye, but due to the reported torrential rains and imminent floods, it is just a matter of rethinking the situation.''

Richard Gasperotti

We write to Andy Qyqja of Tirana , whom we got contact with from the boys from Kosovo. Does it? Does not he sign? We have a crank and in a few minutes the instructions will appear on the display. Andy will be waiting for us another day in the capital of Albania in front of the university library. We still have Google Maps. We drive through the bustling metropolis that same evening and not keep wonder how it all live . It seems to us that it is the city with the highest density of cafes per inhabitant. Since the fall of the Marxist order imposed by the dictator Enverem Hodja, the city has shifted immensely . Where beautiful concrete - marble squares are built, beautiful, green parks are built today. The city is flowing by students eager for nightlife. But we head to Elbasan , where we have pizza and go to sleep.From the morning we comb in the landscape with the vision of the sandstone formations that Gaspi looked out of the net. It's part of Zam - searching for sites that looked promising in the photos, but when looking closely, it's often a disappointment . When we finally discover the dream area, it turns out that the rocks are too steep and their surface is far from the drive . We shrug the shoulders and say that we are old enough to waste time at a place where it does not look for traveler or good shots . After a brief meeting with cameraman Marty, we throw the tiles in the car and roll into Tirana .The capital is surrounded by mountain ranges from all sides , with the top of Dajti , where the modern Swiss cabin cable car, plays a key role in family cruises . We rode the mountain honestly along our own axis . But even here it is not a good riding abound . The bright moment is finding a site with orange loess rocks, where we take a couple of shots and then we almost trip over a couple of tortoises.We are confident that we will be vain without local guides . Andi is waiting for us exactly as he wrote. He has dreadlocks and a nice freeride Giant glory.The tiger whom he recommended in Kosovo works over the winter in Naples and spends his summer in Tirana. "Here I am at home, here's good," he says, dragging us to a hill where we see the capital as a balloon. We're going to buy kebabs on our way. It is in Greek gyros style with fries wrapped in soft pita bread.Our goal is the Lalmi mountain trail . The routes are laid out with milk and Andi says that the local biker community organizes races here . Because it's a weekday, we're here alone . Andi's parents have a pizzeria in Naples, he's there as a guide on the bike, and it's obvious he's got enough. English has a bit of it, but fluent Italian, which we do not know.

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