Curtis Woodman Wins The Internet With The Funnerest Pow Shredding To Date

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"Without show, ability is recognized" is one memorable line that came out of our February interview with Tahoe snowboarder and Arbor team shredder Curtis Woodman, who in his season edit above, shows an incredible ability to meld loose, spur of the moment spontaneity with a strong boardsports technique and serious trickability into a one of a kind style that is an absolute gift to watch. Few riders milk every ounce of fun out of a given pitch like Woodman does, following up a tech line or backcountry booter by throwing back-to-back butters as soon as he can get his feet underneath him again and searching for every white wave along the way down begging for a hammed slash–and always with the hands up intently driving the next move. It's an explosive and driven style that never lets the base of the snowboard lay flat for even a second, and an inspiring one that will inspire you to make the most of every run down the hill this winter. After all, this shit ain't just about first descents and video game tricks!

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