Colter Hinchcliffe's "Lonely Shots"

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Aspen native Colter Hinchcliffe first found his way in front of TGR's lenses back during the filming for The Dream Factory, when he flew up to Alaska on a self-funded trip to check out America's greatest mountains for the first time and to shoot with photographer Will Wissman. Colter lucked his way into a TGR heli and found himself being counted down into some of his first film lines there, with enough of them making the cut for the movie that the rising talent of the Line ski team found himself on the silver screen the following fall.

While Colter followed up his AK performance with a trip to Austria for the filming of Way of Life and some rediculously deep powder, Colter also went out on his own to enter the Co-Lab last spring. His mix of flatspins, crazy locations, fun resort shredding back home at Aspen, and even rowdy ski mountaineering descents, including Mt. Sopris just outside of Aspen and peaks sent against the red rock of Moab, landed him in the final Co-Lab film, which recently became available on iTunes and as a DVD. If this edit - full of Colter's "B shots" that didn't make any of the films this year - is any evidence of what the A-grade footage looks like, well... you get the picture.

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