Climate Change & Geo-Engineering Part V

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Chapter 3: Why Would Anyone Want to Control the Climate?

Despite the mountain of evidence confirming that these programs exist, many people are skeptical as to why anyone would want to control the weather. Most people are not very greedy, nor are they overly concerned about how much power they have. Most people just want to live their lives peacefully, not have to struggle to get by, and have good times with good friends. Most people don't run massive corporations, powerful empires, or global financial syndicates. As such, it is only natural that the "why?" of such insane programs escapes most people.

As we all know, some people are unbelievable greedy, power hungry, and devious. Some people will lie to your face to get what they want. Some people will cheat and steal and harm others (or even kill them) just to get ahead.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", so it's not surprising that some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet are the also the most cunning and corrupt. That's how they got so wealthy and powerful in the first place: through doing whatever it took for them to get ahead. Legally, many of the "people" on Planet Earth are in fact corporations, and corporations are by their very nature profit-driven, emotionless, and sociopathic: they seek profit and public image above all else... and these corporate "people" have got buildings full of equally profit-driven individuals pushing their agendas.
Believe it or not, there is a lot of money to be made and power to be harnessed through controlling the weather. 70% of the global economy is "weather dependent" meaning that changes in the weather affect stock prices, commodity prices, property values, etc. For as long as the stock market has existed, financial experts have been monitoring how different weather events (droughts, floods, storms, earthquakes, etc.) affect different aspects of the economy. With computer analysis it is now possible to crunch a lot of numbers and know exactly how to maximize profit due to weather events. If you know what they weather is doing in advance (because you or your buddies are manipulating it) you effectively have "insider knowledge" on 70% of the economy.

There are also investment instruments called Weather Derivatives which make it possible to gamble on what the weather will do in a given area at a given time. If you know what the weather is going to do beforehand because you or your buddies are manipulating it... you get the idea.

It is also possible to hedge against losses and make a bunch of money as well. For example, it is possible to bet that an agricultural operation will fail due to drought or other severe weather. It is even possible to insure a crop for several times more than it is worth, and collect more money through it's failure than you could actually earn by selling a successful crop. It's stranger than fiction, but the global economy is largely a casino, and when "too big to fail" banks or insurance companies have to pay out more settlements than they can afford they just print more money, bill it to the tax payers, and pay out winnings to the short-sighted profiteers. If you control the weather, profiteering is easy, which is why some activists call Geo-Engineering "Geo-Piracy".
Making money through the global economic casino is just the tip of the iceberg, however. It is well-established that current Geo-Engineering projects are actually making climate change worse. Additionally, climate control can be used to steer storms and trigger droughts as weather weapons, which also makes climate change -- and ever-increasing natural disasters -- appear to be a very imminent danger. This makes people more willing to accept Carbon Taxes as a solution to climate change. Who will these massive, behavior-modifying Carbon Taxes be paid to? The same governmental organizations taking part in Geo-Engineering. Get it?

I'm all for decreased fossil fuel consumption, but there are other ways to do this that don't involve enriching corrupt governments. We could get serious about renewable and "free" energies for starters. We could incentivize low-impact living as well, instead of punishing fuel usage. Giving tax revenues to the same governments subsidizing fossil fuels and suppressing advanced "free" energy technology is not going to solve the proble.

If that wasn't bad enough, there are other ways to get rich off of Geo-Engineering as well. Big Agribiz companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical have come out with "stress-resistant" and even "aluminium resistant" seeds, meaning that these seeds can survive through prolonged droughts or toxic soils that are actually caused by Geo-Engineering. Farmers that prefer to do things naturally and avoid GMO "terminator" seeds that must be bought every planting season from one of the Big Agribiz corporations. These farmers are more likely to go out of business and be forced to sell their land. This is happening at an unprecedented level, which accounts for RECORD farmland prices across the US despite the ongoing drought. Big Banksters are buying up that land so they can control the global food supply, control food prices, and control more people.
Many of the people on this planet -- and even in this country -- cannot afford healthy food. This is not an accidental situation. There is actually plenty of food being produced (and plenty of empty land to grow a whole lot more food on), but there is not enough money being properly distributed for people to afford it. If you find this hard to believe, check the overflowing dumpsters behind your local grocery stores and see for yourself. All of that food is just getting chucked in the landfill!

Hungry people are angry, desperate, and easy-to-control. We may very well be living in a global "hunger games" where geo-engineers committing weather warfare are intentionally disrupting the food supply of billions of people to make them controllable. When the leader of a sovereign nation cannot feed his/her people, that leader is very vulnerable and any country that sweeps in with "aid" can gain incredible power over that nation. This may sound ridiculous to you, and if it does, you should probably read this article: Banksterism 101.

Lastly, these programs are proven to make people sick. Geo-Engineering uses atmospheric aerosol spraying of toxic heavy metals and high powered RF wireless energy systems. Making people sick opens up a whole realm of additional profit and control maximizing opportunities for the crazy fuckers running our world...

Chapter 4: Environmental & Health Concerns of Geo-Engineering

Unfortunately we live in a time of institutionalized corruption and deception. The same government & corporate “scientific” and “environmental” organizations who tell us that Genetically Modified (GMO) foods are safe -- despite no long term testing, a mountain of science proving that GMOs are dangerous, and bans or mandatory labeling in most countries – are also telling us that climate change is solely a product of increasing C02 levels despite evidence of other factors at play, notably Geo-Engineering occurring frequently in our skies.

These covert climate manipulation programs are primarily conducted with atmospheric aerosols (aka chemtrailing) and zapping the atmosphere with wireless energy (aka HAARP & NEXRAD technology). Both of these methods have serious environmental and health impacts.

The Geo-Engineers are releasing massive quantities of nano-particulate (very, very small) materials including Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and other harmful compounds. These compounds are in air we breathe, the water we drink, and are even present in the food we eat. Inhaling or ingesting nano-particles of these toxic metals is very bad for human mental and physical health.

Respiratory illnesses are on the rise and are now the leading preventable cause of death around the globe. AD/HD, Autism, Alzheimer’s (including "early onset"), Cancers, Heart Disease, and Auto-Immune Diseases are also on the rise. Notably, Autism has gone from affecting 1 in 10,000 American children in 1980 to 1 in 88 American children in 2012. These epidemics are at least partly the result of exposure to sprayed aerosols like neurotoxic nano-particulate Aluminum.

Clearly the unnatural occurrence of these aerosols will also affect ecosystems and planetary health in unforeseen ways that are hard to fathom. Nano-particulates of toxic metals are very biochemically reactive so all life on Planet Earth is being affected by them.

Wireless energy from HAARP, NEXRAD, and even small transmitters like Smart Meters, WiFi, cell phones, etc. can cause memory loss, depression, lethargy, cancers, and other serious mental and physical health problems. Wireless energy technologies has been used in mind control experiments dating back to the 1960s as well.

Our best defense against these dangerous chemicals is forcing these programs to stop. The only way to do that is by raising enough awareness that we can effectively demand that they stop. This is a critical issue that affects all life on Planet Earth and the climate systems we all depend on for our continued existence.

I will be writing an article soon on how to protect yourself from toxic nano-particulates.

Chapter 5: Closing Thoughts and Recommended Reading/Viewing:

Any “expert” who overlooks Geo-Engineering’s impact on climate change is either clueless or corrupt & cannot be trusted. Any person who cannot see these programs taking place in our skies overhead must be gently "woken up" to the reality of these damaging and harmful programs.

Geo-Engineerings is truly the greatest crisis (but also the most easy to address) of our time because:

1) it is poisoning and dumbing-down all of us.
2) it is poisoning our planet and playing god with natural processes we humans have no business meddling in.
3) it is making climate change worse and less predictable. it is weaponizing climate change.
4) the crookedest bastards in the world are getting more power and wealth by screwing up everything
5) it's in your face and "the smoking gun" is staring you in the face every time you look up on a spray day.
6) if this bullshit is allowed to stand our planet will be totally trashed and the greedy, psychopath assholes will have way too much power (even more than they do now).
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