Chasing All The Pow, Spring 2019 I Salute You!!

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Waiting for this hugely dangerous avy season to pass has been excruciating for the adrenaline junkies chomping at the bit for some backcountry pow. Chasing the pow all March and April, its been a well-rewarded rager. With trips to South Fork, CO and to our fav in The Snowies, Wyoming, and everything in between, this Spring has been amazing! #ItAintOver

Exploring all the hundreds of surrounding miles from this once-a-season kind of day.

Reppin TGR for my Spring Break 2019! On the road again!

Rocky Mountain Grey Jay aka Picnic Robber and a million other nicknames. Tame ones are around the safety huts.

Ladies Only Backcountry Day and the Snowy Range Snowmobile Club Fundraiser, awesome turnout!

All the way up! Hugging the ridgeline at 11.5k all day, amazing exploring of one of our fav zones!

Always scouting for those big backcountry runs!

Livin the High Altitude Life!

Waving farewell to part of the season, this is the last grooming for the 2019 season.

Family day turned out to be quite special, I love my adventurous boys!

This storm was a rager out of nowhere. April 14 2019.

Laps all day long for these fellas!

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