Chamonixoxo: a Tribute to Liz Daley

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There’s certain people in your life that really touch you,

that capture you in the rapture of their radiant soul.


Mountain people are magnetic people,

full of life,

luster, all a glow.


They radiate because they live fully,


not letting life pass them by.


But they live on the edge,

a constant dance with the devil,

a balancing act between heaven and hell.


It is an art to toe the line.


We went to Chamonix, to learn, and to grow-

to share our experiences with each other and the world.


We came home scared,




The mountains allowed us to dance.

A delicate waltz on spring snow with

danger lurking in each wrinkle, corner, & crevasse.


A missed step could have been deadly.

But we kept pace with the beat.


Yesterday my tea bag told me that that intelligence and intuition are friends.

Funny truth to read on a cup of earl grey.

But truth it is.


As adventurous spirits we must listen and learn.

Intently, Intentionally,

with the utmost respect.


Because we’re all bound to miss a step now and again.

A sister lost.

A mentor gone.


But at the very least we know we have lived.

We know we have experienced everything within our capacity-

we have seen the earth breathe, and felt

the heart beat of the wild places of the world.


And for that we say thanks-

and surround ourselves with passionate people

full of zest for life.


Another cup of coffee.

Another chocolate croissant.

Living for today- for today


is life.


This video is a tribute to the late, great Liz Daley, an incredible woman that inspired us all. May her spirit live on in the mountains and beyond.! #livelikeliz

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