Chad Sayers Capturing Moments from a Lifetime of Travel - LPP #98

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Chad Sayers - LPP #98

Capturing Moments in the Mountains

My old friend Chad Sayers has been a world traveller and adventurer for the better part of the last 2 decades. Known mainly for appearing in countless ski publications as well as Jordan Manley’s fantastic, “A Skier’s Journey” film series, Chad is currently compiling stories and photos from his lifetime of adventures for a new book he is writing.

From this conversation I gather that Chad seems to be in a constant search… maybe a struggle for balance in his life. He talks about the many goals and dreams that he has strived towards and the many challenges that have presented themselves along the way. Stories of taking behavioral altering medicines as a child, skiing through severe pain aqiured from compiling injuries, battling internal conflicts about who he is and stories of serendipidous success are all shared here.


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