Canadian Snowboarding: Better Than Us?

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You might hate this movie. Not because the riders suck, their tricks suck, the terrain sucks, or the snow isn't deep enough, but because you don't have Canadian citizenship.

Johan Rosen's self-funded project, "Northern Comfort," confirms two of American snowboarders' biggest, well-kept fears. First, (sigh) that Canada might just better. Second, its riders' jealousy-inducing versatility is matched only by their humility. To be fair, some of the locations and riders in this Locksmith Films' production are Scandinavian who, you know, also don't suck at snowboarding.

"Northern Comfort" features mostly (very) high-level amateur riders hitting truly gorgeous interior BC spines, pillow lines, and tree stashes. Skip ahead at minute 5 if you're not into urban segments.

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