Calling Canada: 4 Canadian National Parks You Should Visit On Your Next Road Trip

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Spring has sprung and that means that spring break is just around the corner. If your spring break plans have you packing up the car and going on a road trip through Canada, consider stopping off to see some of these majestic national parks that are sure to impress everyone in your family.

1. British Columbia - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Beginning your Canadian National Park road trip on the West Coast should definitely originate from the beautiful and expansive Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Located on Vancouver Island just off the coast of British Columbia, this park is only accessible from the mainland by traveling via boat or ferry. This sea voyage is just another beneficial aspect of visiting this park. Once you arrive, you will be greeted with a plethora of activities which include bird watching, kayaking, hiking, camping, bicycling, surfing, and exploring the history of Canada's First Nations. All of these activities and more await the adventurous spirits who make the scenic voyage to Vancouver Island.

2. Alberta - Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a stunningly gorgeous sprawling landscape of scenic routes, crystal clear waters, and ice-capped mountains. It offers over 20 kilometers of hiking and bicycling trails that can be easily accessed. The land is also ideal for camping if you plan on basking in the brisk, clean mountain air of the park during the nights to help reset your circadian rhythm. When you wake in the mornings, you can stand awe-struck as the morning clouds descend upon the mountains and flocks of birds fly overhead.

Jasper National Park is the kind of national park that's featured in travel guides to sell the perfectly pristine lakes, mountains, rivers, and hiking trails. Although many national parks close for the winter season, Jasper National Park does not. It remains open so that visitors can use the snow-covered hills and frozen waters for pond skating, down-hill skiing, snowshoeing, and canyon ice walks. If you’re like me and all of this rough and wild activity causes a dental accident to occur, don’t let it ruin your trip. Just open the search bar on your phone and type in dentist Calgary to be led to the nearest emergency dentist.Then get back on the road and hit that next stop.

3. Saskatchewan - Prince Albert National Park

Planted deep in the heart of the Saskatchewan province, Prince Albert National Park happens to be the most popular national park throughout the entire country of Canada. The reason for this is because this national park rests in an area of the country where the lands are flat and full of prairies. Because of the flat terrain, this park is easily accessible by cars which can allow for the use of campers during extended trips. If you'd rather enjoy this gorgeous park as nature intended, there are plenty of camping areas in the rustic backcountry of the park that will afford you beautiful wildlife sightings, breathtaking sunrises, and the sweet lullaby of a running river to sing you to sleep.

4. Ontario - Point Pelee National Park

And we end the Canadian national park road trip in Ontario. Point Pelee National Park promises to provide you with a unique experience regardless of your favorite outdoor hobby. For those who enjoy watching local wildlife, the autumn season brings in a swarm of Monarch butterflies that can be watched from many different observation points. During the spring, migratory birds will flock back into Canada on their way home from being south. During the winter months, the trees and trails become covered in a layer of snow and frost, creating gorgeous landscapes of sparkling snow through which you can walk. These trails also accommodate hikers, bicyclists, and joggers. There are beaches and paddling lakes for those who enjoy water adventures as well.

While this may be a concise list of some of the most popular national parks in Canada, it is not an exhaustive one. There are many spectacular national parks in Canada that deserve your visit even if it's just for one day.

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