Broken Femur

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Well I'm bored and just felt like telling a story that I don't really enjoy telling.

Well it all started the morning I was getting ready to get on a bus that takes us up to a small ski area close to Yellowstone. I felt really sick and I really didn't want to go but my friends talked me into going. I'm a snowboarder and had been snowboarding for about 5 months and was getting pretty good. Oh ya and I'm fourteen years old. So anyways I was on the black diamonds all day which for this ski area was close to the bunny hill for bigger ski areas. I went on about five runs and after the fifth one I was hungry and wanted to go eat something but if I wanted to go back I would of had to unclip my board and walked back to the cabin so I got back on the ski lift and was planning on getting off mid way and then going back in. Well my friends talked me into going to the top so I did and went on a run I had gone on a million times before and didn't think much of it. So I was going along and was feeling pretty good. My friend cut me off of my normal route so I went the other way. I was going pretty fast and I can't remember what happened but I remember seeing the tree heading straight for my back so I jerked backwards and then all I saw was a bright light. I thought I died honestly but then I heard myself scream and I came back. I was looking at my leg and it looked so weird. then I saw my bone sticking out and I freaked!!!! My friend came running but didn't help much. I knew I had to get my board unhooked because it was pulling my leg further around the tree. So my friend's boyfriend, a snowboarder, helped me unhook my board not realizing my leash was still attached and dragged my leg to where I guess my bones overlapped. So anyways the ski patrol came and moving at all was tremendesly painful. I was at the cabin when they called my dad to tell him I was getting put on the ambulance. He told them he wanted to refuse ambulance removal. So instead I waited another two hours for my mom to get there. We went to an urgent care clinic to get x-rays. After she took the thing to go look at it I heard a OH MY LORD!!!!! I knew I was done. So medical care came, and I can't tell you how nice it was to get some morphine, except the fact that I was allergic! So I went into emergency surgery that night around midnight and got a rod in my bone and then was on crutches for one month, only walked for another month then finally was allowed to run. I am a very athletic person so I started running. When school started I ran cross country and thats when I was cruelly reminded that I had hurt my leg and it wasn't up for three to four miles a day. But I pushed it until my doctor took x-rays and told me I had to get my stuff taken out so I stopped running but got to watch our cross country win state Smile. So on the 15th of December I'm having another surgery hoping it won't take long to recover so I can do indoor track Sealed but well see. Well thanks for listening and I sure hope that no one will have to go though what I and several others have.

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