British Snowboarder Ellie Soutter Killed herself on 18th birthday

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The distressing circumstances that lead to star snowboarder’s death have been unearthed after she was found dead on her 18th birthday.

According to the Sun reports, star snowboarder is feared to kill herself on Wednesday, with her uncle today offering prayers and tribute to his lovely niece.

She was one of the best snowboarders in the country and has died just after three weeks from the selection date in British Squad. Last year in Turkey, she was the winner of Team GB’s only medal at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival.

Lorraine Denman is Soutter’s mother. She is a body builder and former Miss UK who lives in Hove, East Sussex. According to the reports, after Ellie’s death, it is not clear where she is now. Everybody in Ellie’s family wants to know the truth that why a teen wanted to kill herself.

Matt Richtel a famous author of book that explores the danger of texting and driving also expressed deep grievances on teen’s death and said that “Our thoughts and prayers are with Ellie’s family at this very sad and difficult time”

As per the statements of Jeremy, CEO at Carne Global Fund Managers, it has been disclosed that Ellie’s parent do not live together and she grew up with her father only. Both father and daughter were very close to each other. Tony has grown up her daughter and he proved himself is an incredible single parent. After the divorce of Tony and his wife, Tony wanted to bring Ellie up and show that he as a good father.

Ellie was also close to her mother but out of two she used to consider her father as her best friend. Tony is a shattered man but he is brave enough to keep going through every situation. But there were no indications at all.

On Thursday, start snowboarder’s father revealed his anger towards this cruel world that is responsible for taking her daughter’s life. He wrote how much he is missing his child and offered prayers to her.

While talking to MailOnline, one of the Ellies’ relative said that she died in the family get together in French woodland, everybody in the family traveled from Britain to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Uncle Jeremy said that the whole family will gather to grieve for his loved one. Outpouring his affection, he also said that she had no idea how much we all love her.

Her teammates in British snowboard have also expressed their sadness after hearing the unfortunate news of Ellie's passing. Hugh Robertson, chairman of British Olympic Association and Ben Hawes, chairman of athlete commission expressed their deep sorrow for loosing immensely popular and an auspicious player of the team - Ellie Soutter.

Ellie was selected in the British Snowboard team and was going to participate in upcoming Junior World Championships in New Zealand. There were no clues traced to indicate the reason for her death but she was reportedly found dead in woodland in the French Alps and her relatives said that she was under pressure due to her upcoming competitions.

Emily Sarsfield, Eight-times British ski-cross champion and Amy Williams, Olympic champion also offered prayers to the popular snowboarder.

The British Olympic Association (BOA) expressed its deep sorrow for the big loss and make an appeal from people to contact the Samaritans.

Corrah Phillips, Ellie’s snowboard team member posted a picture on Instagram and wrote some precious words for her and paid a tribute.

In order to pursue freeride accolades, Ellie took a break from Britain's snowboard cross squad. She enjoyed her last year as a stellar Snowboard performer.

At the beginning of 2018, it has been observed that her career was in danger when she was not able to carry on her training due to 'lack of funds'. But she was determined and brave enough to fight back. She competed and got selected in Team GB for upcoming junior world championships in New Zealand.

With the dawn of New Year, Ellie’s father launched a sponsorship drive and aimed to raise more than £21,000 to train his daughter for snowboard cross.

On 6th July, after various months of fundraising by Ellie’s father, an announcement was made that snowboarding sensation had been transferred in the British squad for one more time.

Ellie had participated in Freeride Junior Tour and spent the 2017-18 season in this competition.

BSS also expressed its grief for Soutter and said that she was one of the best team members in British Europa Cup snowboard cross programme.

On the official website of Soutter, it has been described that the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing was her biggest goal and she was also listed as ambassadors for the Les Gets Ski Station in the French Alps.

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