Brian Skorupski's Jibbing Will Blow Ya Mind!

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Brian Skorupski is part of the Yawgoons–snowboarding favorite underground crew (if you can still call them that), that have themselves pushed the creative limits of snowboarding from what might otherwise be an extremely limiting home base. Rhode Island's Yawgoo Valley wasn't even a ski area you ever knew existed three years ago, but courtesy of insane jib skills and crazy creative features, riders like Brian and Dylan Gamache have made the place and its tiny rope two ground zero for the progression of funky snowboarding.

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In his season edit, Skorupski throws down hard inbounds at Yawgoo, even jibbing halfway up a lift tower, before taking it to the streets for a monster gap to close out his segment. Regardless of what kind of riding you get into, it's hard to watch these guys and not be psyched on snowboarding's direction in an age of quad flips and future spins.

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