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Early June and the mountain is covered in snow. p: Darcy Bacha

Mountains all over North America are beginning to open. The Norwest and the Rockies are already getting hammered with storms, and the Midwest and East Coast are covering terrain with a blanket of man-made snow. Wherever you ride, it's finally the time of year you have been waiting for. Out at Windells, where we are lucky enough to have year-round snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding, we thought we would flashback to a few of our favorite photos from Session 1 last summer. While you are strapping into your board or stepping into your skis, don't forget that once the snow has melted back home, there's still a glacier waiting to be shredded all summer.

Even on a wintery day during Session 1, Tim Humphreys has no problem riding in the foggy clouds. Tim plants on on the hitching post while Windells filmer, Paul Heran gets the shot. p: Darcy Bacha

Back on the Windells campus, skiers and snowboarders took to the new for 2010 dryslope rail garden. p: Darcy Bacha

Coaches Austin Hironaka and Moss Halladay cross train before heading to the slopes with a jousting match in the foam pit.

Nick Visconti comes to Windells every summer to host a session, coach, skate, and hang out with campers. Here, Nick stalls on the hitching post untder blue skies. p: Darcy Bacha

Ben Moxham on the jumpline. p: Darcy Bacha

Lucas 270 on to frontboard on the downflat. p: Darcy Bacha

Skate Coach Rion Linderman handplants in the new Concrete Jungle on campus.

Lady campers were treated to an icecream party with Burton's entire women's Global Team. Olympians Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter were joined by Natasza Zurek, Gabi Viteri, Spencer O'Brien, and Ellery Hollingsworth. The campers got to ask the professional snowboarders any questions they wanted, about, snowboarding, tricks, and what it's really like to be a female professional snowboarder.

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