Blog: Windells Academy's Randa Shahin Profile: Snowboarder and Teacher

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by Lisa Dougherty

Windells Academy students receive high end coaching and teaching from the “best of the best” within Action Sports. From coaches to teachers and advisers, the faculty at Windell’s Academy is knowledgeable of the action sports industry on all levels. In a 3 part article series we’d like to introduce you to some of the amazing members of our team. Meet Randa Shahin, Windells Academy math teacher and professional snowboarder.

At age 6, Randa and her family moved to the states to Pennsylvania from Kuwait City, Kuwait. The Pocono Mountains became the breeding grounds for Randa’s passion and what later turned into a profession; snowboarding. After a couple of years riding the “ice coast” Randa took a chance and ventured to the Wild West for better riding conditions and to pursue an education at Portland State University. After a few years of studying hard and riding harder Randa landed herself a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and some major industry sponsors. Currently, Randa represents Smith Optics, Spacecraft, Pow Gloves, Evo, Cilla, Kind snacks and

Perhaps one of the most inspiring pieces of Randa’s story is her recovery after a major snowboarding accident in 2008 resulting in a broken neck and 4 months in a halo brace. Injuries are a harsh reality for action sports athletes and can make or break careers. With dedication and support Randa made a healthy recovery and continues to achieve her goals as a snowboarder and teacher. Since her injury, Randa has obtained a master’s degree in Education and continues to ride with the support of her sponsors.

Faculty Feature: Randa Shahin from Windells Academy on Vimeo.

Most recently, Randa earned herself a job as a Math teacher at Windells Academy. “To be the Math teacher of an Olympic athlete would be a huge honor” she shares. “Windells Academy not only provides students with a quality education but the best facilities, coaches and avenues to people and companies within the industry”.

Randa Shahin serves as a great role model not only for our students but everyone within the action sports community. “As a professional in both athletics and academics Randa brings a lot to the table. Her experiences throughout her career serve as inspiration and proof that you can kill it on the mountain and get a master’s degree at the same time. It is a privilege to have Randa as a part of our team” shares Mike Hanley, Windells Academy president.

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