Blog: Mike Basich Is Ready for Winter, Are You?

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Mikey B has been gearing up for the upcoming season by getting all his toys put in place

And speaking of toys...screw a snowcat, just upgrade what you have; like how Mike added some snow tracks to his alredy sweet Pow-Explorer

If you have never seen Mike's Pow Explorer it's pretty effin sick! And if you would like to see this tank in real life come to The Alley in Reno/Sparks on November 11th for the Tailgate Ak/Witness the Sickness party!

After he get's the snowmobile off, the roof raises and becomes his sleeping quarters. SICK!

It all started as an idea...

It then became reality

Watch part one of the conversion here, part two comes out in a couple weeks

More on Mike and 2for1 HERE

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