Blog: Farellones, Chile With Seth Morrison & K2's Factory Team Riders

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The time has come leaving summer behind to make the journey south to the winter wonderland of the Chilean Andes. K2 skis gave us the opportunity to come down and take part in a photo shoot based out of Farellones, 1.5 hr drive up from Santiago. After 50 or so steep switchbacks we reach this small town and ski area attached to El Colorado resort. Never being to these spots was a treat for me. Coming down here we leave the crowds of the US resorts and enjoy open mountain alpine terrain to ourselves.

South American Sunset

South American Sunset

The crew of Factory Team riders (Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Sean Petitt, and Michelle Parker) lit up the surrounding slopes. Mostly beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders are here, besides the park and ski racers from North America that come for training. La Parvra and Valle Nevado lay on either side of us, offering a massive expanse of terrain to choose from. A short hike in La Parvra will get you to “McConkey’s”, a steep snow and rock face named in Shane’s honor. This and a road run zone will play into the annual Extreme Skiing event that draws many North Americans.

This was my first stop on a trip of new ski resorts to be visited. Many new experiences have been absorbed along the way of culture, food, wine, and good people. I look forward to my next stop in Termas de Chillan, or Nevados De Chillan as it has recently been renamed too.

Deep Powder Turns in South America

South American Powder Turns

Here's a video from last summer of a tour I did in South America with Epic (of Epic Ski Pass) and Vail Resorts:

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