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October 1, 2010

by Lisa Dougherty


Located on 800 SE Hawthorne Blvd you’ll find a kitschy Portland antique shop filled with furniture plucked right from grandmas living room. Located just above it, is Atmosphere Clothing, a self-described, “Super-fashion Company”. John Prosser, Head of Business Relations, invited Windells Academy students to the warehouse and offered a refreshing perspective on international business.


Rather than keeping up with fashion trends, Atmosphere is influenced by everyday people and urban lifestyles. “Looking too far ahead, you lose sight of what you started. Our business changes such as life does. Human beings inspire our products,” said Prosser. The mechanics of this company do not run merely on traditional protocol, but rather human interaction, with positive and professional business strategies. At the warehouse, Academy students identified with street culture through diverse product designs, talks of potential breaking dancing sponsorships, and fashion shows. Atmosphere’s business initiatives were truly unique and inspiring for the students.

Atmosphere Clothing is world renown. Products are being shipped to places such as China, Korea, Australia and Poland. This was a great opportunity for future businessman such as our own, Jamieson Skinner, to get recommendations about having a successful company on an international level. “I’ve started my own company called Paradice Snowboarding and it was great to hear John’s advice about running a business. Like Atmosphere, we do online sales, and in the future I’d like to get a warehouse to keep our inventory and ship to international countries” said Jamieson.


Windells Academy students have a great advantage by taking industry trips. Free schwag and trips to the ‘big city’ are awesome, but more importantly it’s the opportunity to meet business professionals such as John Prosser, who are willing to share their experiences and insights about our industry. With this knowledge, Academy students are well on their way to putting up shops and businesses worldwide. Are you ready?



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