Big Mountain Shredding... At Stowe?

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The Meatheads have always put out stellar videos with unparralleled East Coast terrain and talent, but damn! This year's edits have seriously stepped it up. The last Neo edit from Mad River Glen showed some unrelenting shredding with serious speed, air, and even some Ice Coast backies, and this edit from Stowe does not fail to live up to the potential of the Vermont backcountry. We hope Noah Ranallo is young enough to enter our upcoming Grom Contest, because that one backflip was rediculous. These guys ARE in Vermont, right? It's pretty hard to tell, especially when the talented ams in this edit are hammering waist-deep slashes and sending lines steep and deep enough that they'd make everyone in the Lake Tahoe region cry after the season they've been having. It's great to see that after much of the Meatheads' talent moved out West or moved on, that there's a new rank of New England shredders already it down on the East.

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