Best Travelogue You'll Watch This Year

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Travelogues are in. These stories lift the veil. They show us what goes into a big Alaska heli trip, including snowboarders' weird personalities, tomahawks, snowmobile breakdowns, and other funny quirks.

Most travelogues follow this formula: 1.) Friends set out for adventure, 2.) conquer trials and tribulations along the way, 3.) enjoy powder turns and cliff drops, and 4.) end story with comments about what said friends got out of the trip.

While "Alaskan Holiday" follows some of that story line, it's just better. It's funnier. It's shot beautifully. At no point are you waiting for something interesting to happen because something interesting is always happening. And, most importantly, the riding is better because Elias Elhardt, Tobi Strauss, Fips Strauss, and Marco Smolla rip.

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