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Snow is my passion. I don't think the statement, "I love snow" accurately describes how much I love snow, but I'll say it anyways, "I love snow." You have to love the mountains if you live in Colorado. But if you live in the mountains you have to love the snow. So it's a good thing during ski season I live and work in Keystone, Colorado because we get a lot of snow. But right now we don't have good snow, in fact I'm getting antsy waiting for snow! So what's the next best thing? Snow videos duh!

In fact I like watching ski films because it doesn't matter what language you speak, we all speak the language of snow! I feel the domestic videos and the big international films grab all the attention here in America so I've decided to share my favorite international Ski films that you might have missed from the past few years. But I've got to warn you, watching these videos will only make you more impatient. So if you've missed these video gems take the time to watch them!

Real Skifi (Finland)

You've got to give mad props to these Finnish skiers for shooting some awesome urban skining webisodes. They're similar to Nipwitz in that they push the boundary for what urban skiing can offer. I mean skining off a brick wall man. A flat brick wall man, awesome!

OMG (Switzerland)

What would a ski film by Napolean Dynamite look like? Well Independent ski film team, "Crewstacez" released second film with Awone film and honestly it feels like Napoleon Dynamite was directing this thing! It's funny, crazy and shows those Swiss know there way around a mountain.

Pa Vei (Norway)

Pa Vei developed by Airtime productions means "On the Road" and literally follows a group of free skiers on adventures. The movie is a mix of ski film action, documentary and more action. What's fun about this film is you get to learn the personalities behind some of the best up and coming skiers in Norway, Russia and more.

Hit the Mountain Hard!

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed watching these films as much as I did. Which movie made you miss the snow the most? The good news is you've watched some awesome ski films, the bad news we've still got to wait for the good snow to hit here in Colorado. At least we don't have to wait for too much longer, and we've got these cool ski films to pass the time. But before I go I just want to give my respect to all our international ski brothers and sisters, and Zach Dischner for his breath taking picture. Hit the slopes hard my brothers and sisters of snow!

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