Beartooth Summer Session 2K14

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In the world of Summer skiing in N. America, there are only a handful of places that offer lift accessed terrain. Almost everybody in the ski industry knows about Timberline (Mt. Hood, OR) or the Hortsman Glacier (Whistler, BC) and their immaculate terrain parks and world class facilities. But there are only a small handful of skiers in the skiing community who have ever heard of--let alone skied at--the infamous Beartooth Basin Ski Area (Red Lodge, MT). Set high in the mountains of Southern Montana, and only an hour from the NE Entrance to Yellowstone Park, Beartooth is a cut from the Wild West. There are no world class facilities, fancy restaurants, skate parks, or shopping in The Beartooth. In fact, there isn't even cell phone service, and the closest hospital is almost 2 hours away. Life is simple here, and your standard distractions do not exist in this place away from the modern world.

What does exist however, is the steepest lift accessed Summer skiing in N. America, and an extremely tight community of passionate skiers and snowboarders. And what Beartooth lacks in amenities is more than made up for with the connection to nature one feels as you disconnect from your cell phones and gather 'round the campfire to share stories of the day's incredible skiing. And for the last four years, ON3P Skis has been leading the charge in sharing this special place with the rest of the world.

Since 2011, ON3P has teamed up with Booster Strap, Beartooth Basin, and the Red Lodge Terrain Park crew for their annual event "Beartooth Summer Session"... Focused primarily on sharing this unique Summer ski experience with the whole skiing community, the event culminates in an all mountain slopestyle competition unlike any other on Earth. Panda Athlete Sander Hadley took top honors at the 2013 competition, effectively helping launch his ski career to the next level, landing him a spot in last year's Sweetgrass film "Valhalla".

Panda Chief TanSnowMan has been making the sojourn to Beartooth ever since 2003, when he attended the star studded "All Star Ski Camp"--frequented by Tanner Hall, Pep Fujas, and CR Johnson to name a few... After almost 10 years since his last journey to these mountains, TanSnowMan returns to The Beartooth, joining the Panda Tribe for an adventure into skiing's Wild West...

This is "Beartooth Summer Session 2K14"!

(Photo Courtesy of Cy Whitling)

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