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I love snowboarding but my true passion is music and this is my story of reaching higher. Years ago I walked into Lunchbox Records in Charlotte NC. The owner Scott was jamming a great album I had never heard. I asked him what it was. He said Shanty Rd. all smug like I should know who it was. I then asked ok where they from? He said Spain, a label called BCore again like I should already know this. Anyway he had a copy for sale. It was so bad ass I checked out BCore and discovered twenty more amazing artists on that label. I became pen pals with Albert at BCore in Barcelona. The chance came this past end of May early June to go to Spain. I was intent on stopping by the BCore shop to meet Albert. I went with a group of guys and never meeting Mike he insisted the first day we would all go into Barcelona from Premia De Mar to try and have me meet Albert. We got to the shop around 6PM and I had missed him. He got off at 5PM. However, one of their artists Eric Fuentes was working the counter which was cool. I was the only customer in the store. I looked into the back and there stood Santi Garcia from the band No More Lies and Artur Estrada from Nueva Vulcano, two legends of rock in Spain. Ended up meeting them both. Artur told me that Santi living far away in Sant Felliu is in the store maybe twice a year. Now it just so happened that Primavera Sound music festival was going on in Barcelona same time we were there. I ended up a guest of No More Lies at their show and saw another amazing Spanish band Standstill front row center. Greatest musical journey of my life. I have attached some photos and videos. Oh and I went back the next day to the shop and met my man Albert who always hooks you up with bonus music when you order from BCore.

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