Balinese Perfection: Bingin Barrels from the Air

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Bingin is one of Bali's most mechanical barrel machines. Starting with a tight take off zone goofy footers and regulars alike try to nail the backdoor takeoff, slotting under the lip for a quick snappy barrel crashing over shallow reef. Those that make mistakes pay in skin and blood on the reef; those that make it come screaming out the end of a barrel that any surfer wants to have in their bag.

Bingin is just one of many corners on the reefs under the Bukit cliffs, all of which produce some of the most aesthetically beautiful waves in Bali. During the June-October high season, the ESE trade winds often blow directly offshore into the typically SW swells, grooming the emerald-green waves into such grinding perfection it almost looks robotic.

On a good day, wave after wave stands up and marches out of the vastness of the Indian Ocean, wrapping around and into the reefs with uncanny discipline, like an army charging up out of the ocean; an image re-inforced by the sound track as bomb sets break onto the reef with the boom of heavy artillery. It's an incredible sight to behold, and the sheer order of it all is truly mind-blowing the first time you set eyes on it.

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