Avalanche on Senggchuppa north face! POV!

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8 june 2014

we started walking from Simplon(CH) at 4:45am at 2000 meters with10° C

after five hours of climbing, we reached the summit of Senggchuppa 3607m.

Frugace a meal at 10am and begin the descent.

the first 100m was a heaven firn; the second .... you can see the video for what has happened!!

One advertisement: with the freezing level at 4000m stay at home. no good time for climbing hight peack!

I was lucky, and I learned my lesson, I hope this can be instructive for anyone.

see you soon with new adventure or the full video of the trip!


luca zanette

ps: i had the avalanche equipment and my friend looked at me from a safe place ;)

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