Ask Me Anything: I'm Vasu Sojitra, One-Legged Backcountry Skier

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Last week we presented Out On A Limb with Columbia. It's the story of Vasu Sojitra, a skier who lost his right leg to a blood infection at only nine months old, and who since has grown into one hell of a skier–even skinning and bootpacking backcountry couloirs and slaying pow on the way down. After watching the above mini-doc, you'd have to be missing some critical parts of your frontal lobe not to be impressed.

Today from 11 AM-2 PM MST, Vasu will be answering any and all of your pressing questions in a three-hour Ask Me Anything session, which you can access in the TGR Forums here. Not sure how to get involved if you don't already have a TGR account? Click here, quickly set up a profile, and then hit the link to the AMA once you're logged in and get questionin'. We'll see you in there...

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