An Hour And A Half: The Complete History of Snowboarding

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For those of us who are only entering our second or third decade on Planet Earth, it's pretty hard to imagine a time when there were basically only two snowboards companies–Tom Sims' Sims Snowboard and Jake Burton Carpenter's Burton Snowboards–and a furious debate about whether slalom racing or halfpipe was going to rule the future of the young sport. In We Ride–The Story of Snowboarding, we get an amazing and amazingly deep story of the history of snowboarding. The film has a particular focus on the rivalry between Tom Sims–the loose, rock 'n roll West Coaster who defined the style snowboarders would emulate going forth–and Jake Burton, a former stock broker who brought his East Coast business discipline to bear on creating the platform for snowboarding's future. They would battle over attitude, market share, approach, and Craig Kelly, and their rivalry would fuel snowboarding for years and years to come.

Beautifully told and with tons of incredible archival footage, We Ride should be higher on the list for weekend entertainment than your Netflix account. There's no good new movies, anyways.

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