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Snowflake is the best way to find skiers and snowboarders, on and off the mountain! Our mission is to connect like-minded people when they're shredding at their local mountain or exploring a new resort. While I was on a solo vacation at Breck and Copper mountain, I wanted a way to easily meet up with someone of a similar ability level who wanted to head into the backcountry. The idea for Snowflake was born shortly after!

Snowflake users will create a Facebook integrated profile similar to other meet-up applications, yet the focus and details will be much more targeted towards finding a friend who also wants to shred! :

-Users will input their skiing and riding level (never ever, beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro)

-Users will input their skiing and riding preferences on the mountain: All mountain (greens/blues), All mountain (black diamonds/double blacks), Terrain Park, Glades, Going as fast as humanly possible, Backcountry

-Snowflake skiers and riders will also choose in which area they would like to improve!

The possibilities to improve are huge! Perhaps a Snowflake skier is pretty confident in the glades but wants to dabble more in the terrain park – that skier could choose to meet up with a terrain park rider. They could help one another get to the next level while having an awesome day on the slopes!

Many of the original articles that we're written when we had a KickStarter campaign focused on the dating aspect of the app (like this awesome one from TransWorld),with comparisons like the “Tinder of Skiers and Riders” While we love this comparison, we want to connect ALL skiers and riders who want someone to shred with! We recently added the singles line feature, which will be a quick indicator to one’s relationship status:) A user can let it be known they might be looking for something more than a snow buddy...

In addition to connecting skiers and riders, Snowflake seeks to improve the winter sports experience by offering deals with local ski shops, bars, breweries, gear, and lift tickets. There will be an entire section dedicated to these local spots/deals in resort towns across the US and Canada! You’ll never miss out on a craft beer special at a nearby après ski bar again!

Check out our website to learn more! Snowflake will launch early December for iOS and January for Android! Head out to our website to sign up to download Snowflake free when it launches! Winter is coming…are you ready??

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