Access The Backcountry: Is Cross-Country Snowboarding The Answer?

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Yesterday we stirred the pot about when we let Cory Smith explain why or why not his MTN Approach ski system was a better way for snowboarders to access the backcountry than splitboards. The post generated a heated debate, with advocates on both sides of the debate weighing in with long, thoughtful comments and first-hand experience, or simply with unintelligible internet commenting rage.

But what if neither splitboarding, nor MTN Approach, is the answer? What if cross-country snowboarding is the next-generation means of traveling through the backcountry and accessing the world's highest peaks? Here Joel & Tate, the world's most dedicated Nordic snowboarders, explain the qi of this "outsider sport of an outsider sport." As Joel says it best, "We're rockin' a triple entendre here, ya know?"

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