ABC News Kooks Sensationalize "Deadly Chairlifts"

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ABC News recently had some time to kill between their coverage of the attack on the satirical Paris newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, and covering the new benefits of eating avocados, so they thought they might as well whip up some unnecessary hysteria and cover the recent "spate" of people falling off of chairlifts. To the chagrin of ski area operators facing stagnant visitation, ABC sent their quaffed safety reporter to ride the chair–sans skis or hat–with Copper's safety manager, and then cite several accidents with young children tumbling off of lifts and a Brooklyn woman that died falling of a chairlift in New York recently. But rest assured, parents–don't go penning this one down as activity #4,879 to forbid your children from ever doing. You'd do better cutting elevator rides out of their routine first. They're more deadly than riding chairlifts, where only 15 deaths have occurred in the past 40 years.

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