A Welcome Farewell to Winter

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In surf-starved regions of the country like New England, winter brings with it great irony. The same storms that (very occasionally) blanket the region in deep snow are also the ones that produce some of best waves of the year, leaving local adventurers with the difficult decision of whether to turn on the 4x4 and blast through the newly-fallen foot of snow up to the mountains, or turn around, mount up in thick suit of inflexible rubber, and march through that same foot of snow to the beach to go surfing.

Winter surfing in the Northeast takes a little bit of insanity to get used to. I mean, it's cold enough to justify building a towable sauna just to warm up in between sessions. Duck diving under an approaching wave means subjecting your face and forehead to freezing sea water that dips below forty degrees in January and February, incuding a near-catatonic ice cream headache that left weaklings like me feeling like their right brain had detached from their left brain for more than a few minutes. So while winter's end is no welcome sign to the area's skiers, come March when the ocean temps start to climb and the sun is warm, local surfers rejoice. This video from Joe Carter of the infamous Get In The Van crew is filmed along the coast of both New Hampshire and Maine and should leave you with no doubt about why these guys arent' crying over the arrival of spring.

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