A weekend at Jay

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It was late March. A couple buddies of mine were coming home for their college spring breaks. While the rest of our drunken friends decided to go black out on the beach somewhere down south, we chose to head North. We packed up the car full of gear, snacks, and plenty of herb to get us through the 6 hour drive.

Once we arrived at our mate's house, we cooked up some food and the beers started flowin. Then came the uncontrollable laughter. You know that feeling when your up in the woods on the side of a mountain, literally lost from society without a worry in the world? Watching snow just constantly dump outside the window? Yeah..it was freakin dope. And when i say "dump" i mean some serious snowfall. In the three days we were there Jay got their best snow of the year. About 30 inches of the freshest pow pow in all the land. And let me tell you, we shredded the hell out of it.

Most normal days to the mountain, for me personally, consist of a few warm up runs and then I'll hit the park to goof off with my friends for pretty much the rest of the day. But these few days at Jay were quite different. I don't know if you've ever been to Jay, but the glades are RIDICULOUS. Like for the East Coast, the tree lines are seriously insane. So, with this being said, we spent pretty much every minute of every day lost in the woods (by choice obviously). We found untouched lines every where we went. Even came up on a cabin in the woods that nobody seemed to know anything about (my friend works on the park crew at the mountain and has never seen this cabin before lol). It was seriously some of the best riding we've ever done.

One of our friends who came on the trip, had never really ridden real pow in his life. He's snowboarded at the various smaller northeast resorts his entire life, but never actually got to experience a day of actual powder. Like I'm talking even knee deep powder let alone waist or tittie-deep. Seeing somebody in powder for the first time has to be one of the greatest things ever. The struggle is so real, but the smiles are even realer. It puts any snowboarder to the ultimate test. And this couldn't be any more true when it came to my buddy. He was constantly getting stuck and dripping in sweat by the time he would work his way out. Falling all over the place he truly looked like a beginner snowboarder again haha but there wasn't a moment when the frustration over came the happiness and utter joy on this kid's face. Who knew being with someone on their first real pow day could be something so dope to witness.

So, to anybody reading this, I encourage you to grab some buds and break out of your comfort zones. Go to those untouched lines that are worth hiking to. Head North instead of South for you're next spring break. Forget the park and hit the back country. And most importantly, SPREAD THE GOOD VIBES! Bring somebody snowboarding that has never been before. Bring a park rat into the back country. Whatever you do, just GET OUT THERE and have fun!!!

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