A Very Merry Backcountry Christmas From Telluride

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As far as ski resort marketing pieces involving Santa are concerned, this one by Telluride definitely tops the recent charts. Backcountry Santa opens the video from his home base in the North Pole, which in this case happens to be the beautiful hand-built Alta Lakes Observatory off the back of Telluride, which has been known to host Tom Cruise along with dozens of lucky ski bums a year, who show up to hike up the vertical San Juan range chutes that tower in the backyard of the lodge. Built by the father of Line team skier Garrett Russell and several friends, the Observatory also features a stone-dug hot tub.

At any rate, Santa then goes on to brap around the backcountry for a bit on his sled (snowmobile), although we assume he knows reindeer are a more carbon-neutral option. A magical phone book transports him from the unspoiled pow of the b/c to the groomed firm slopes of Telluride, which requires a bit of cognitive dissidence for us pow-hungry freaks here at TGR to understand, but hey! Santa's gotta show the fans how to rail some turns, which he does with earnest. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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