A Summer Summer, Or A Summer Winter?

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It's about this time of year when your mountain town populace splits into two factions–those who lament the inevitable ebb of summer weather, warm temps, and flip-flips, and those who groan at the lack of cold and blowing snow. Jackson is no different, and it turns out that both populations are having it out on the slopes over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The one half (above) rides the tram to paraglide, rock climb, hike, mountain bike, or just to straight up get a buzz on with a badass view.

The second half (above) is instead taking the same tram to hike an inane distance with their ski gear on their back to build out a pond skim and pretend that it's April again–anything to satiate that feeling of gliding on real snow, on real skis, on a real mountain. Did we mention it's snowing RIGHT NOW??

Which half are you a member of?

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