A diamond in the (Gigi) Rüf

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Oh, well hello there! Look at you, reading articles and putting together full sentences like a godamn rhodes scholar! You've already proven to be smarter than 90% of the people on the internet that simply share videos of crap they find on Facebook without checking to see if they're legitimate.

As you know by now, the world has become over ridden with static drivel posing as entertainment and pretending to be legitimate snowboard porn. But look what I found! (Actually, it was uploaded by Red Bull. So it's not exactly hidden) Rest assured, "As The Crow Flies" is legit amigo.

Let's me be honest here... a free 32min shred flick like this is hard to come by. So let's not waste it by watching it on the crapper while looking at our mobile devices like we live in a sad sad dystopian future. Have a few friends over and crack a few cold ones and prove to the world that you still enjoy watching snowboard flicks the old fashion way.

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