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With the arrival of spring, many people are growing excited to be able to go on outdoor adventures once again. Now that winter has melted and warmer weather is moving in, many popular tourist and vacation locations are getting ready to open to the public. If you're one of the many people who is starting to plan this year's outdoor vacation, here are five things you need to remember.

1. Pick Your Destination Carefully

While it is true that the journey is more important than the destination, you cannot simply plan an outdoor vacation without having some type of destination in mind. Picking a destination for your outdoor vacation should be the first choice that you make. Be sure to choose a destination that can suit your needs and your adventurous spirit. Taking into consideration your destination's placement to civilization should also be a high priority.

If you tire of the noise of city life or just want to escape people in general, choosing a heavily populated and civilized area would defeat the purpose of your adventure. Conversely, you may desire to adventure in an area that's heavily populated and loaded with modern conveniences. Always remember to do proper research on your destination before heading there to ensure it's exactly what you expect it to be.

2. Set A Vacation Duration

Vacations occur so infrequently for most people that when they finally get the chance to take one, they tend to overextend their leisurely time. This isn't a bad thing in most cases, but it can make it more difficult to leave your vacation the longer you stay. Additionally, when you begin to pack and plan finances for your vacation, the duration is going to be one of the major factors that are going to affect the contents of your luggage and the cost of your trip. Choose a vacation duration that will allow you to have a least one day of recovery at home before you need to return to work or school so that you can reset your sleep schedule to a more normal cycle.

3. Prepare Your Car

No outdoor vacation is complete without the obligatory road trip. Before you throw your bags into the car, buckle your seatbelt, and drive off to your next great adventure, you should make sure that your car is prepared for the trip. Taking your car in for a routine tune-up and oil change is a great way to ensure there will not be a breakdown on the side of the road. Also, you should consider shopping around for some cheap auto insurance in the case of an incident or emergency. You can never be too sure what kind of crazy driver or wild animal you might encounter on the road. It'll be wise to make sure that your car is protected by a quality insurance company.

4. Calculating The Cost

This is the portion of vacation planning that many people dread - the cost. Everyone would travel if traveling were free. Unfortunately, it's not. When you begin to calculate the cost of your upcoming vacation, some things you should keep in mind are food, gas, lodging, souvenirs, and tourist attraction fees. You can calculate these costs by doing some research on the internet regarding the restaurants, hotels, attractions, and gas stations in the area. Always round up to the nearest dollar when calculating because it's better to overestimate rather than underestimate the cost.

5. Saving The Money

This is one of the most difficult aspects of planning for your outdoor vacation. Saving money is a challenge for many people, but with a few tricks and some self-discipline, you can carve out enough savings to pay for your dream vacation.

As a final note, you should also remember to write a list of items that you should pack in your bags. The list will remind you of the items you need instead of trying to pack your bags from memory, which usually results in at least one item being forgotten at home.

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