5 High-Octane Snowboarding Tricks For 2018

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As the new year roars to a start, many snowboarders are getting ready to break out their hats and gloves and hit the slopes to test their mettle. With one of the coldest New Year’s Eves on records rapidly approaching, many rookies and veterans alike are wondering how they can make the best use of their time at their favorite resorts, and many New Year’s resolutions seem to be pulling off better, more challenging stunts.

So, what are the best high-octane snowboarding tricks for you to try out in 2018, and how can you learn to pull them off without biting the dust in front of a crowd of onlookers? Check out these adrenaline-inducing stunts, put on your warmest gear, and hit the slopes for an epic 2018 that will see you become a better snowboarder than ever before.

#1: Start off easy with a tail grab

Rushing into pulling off some of the toughest tricks snowboarders have yet to conquer is a good way to get yourself injured, so you’ll want to start your 2018 off with a trick that’s not too complicated, while still impressive enough to warrant some prestige on the slopes. For that, there are few better tricks than a classic tailgrab, which is the perfect trick to get you warmed up before you move on to pull off some seriously head spinning stunts.

#2: Pull off some cab underflips

Few snowboarders who aren’t seasoned experts have the capacity to pull off a stunt as crazy as, say, Max Parrot’s quadruple underflip. You don’t have to try and break your neck pulling off stunts usually reserved for the best, however; sticking with a much more achievable cab underflip as your goal is a great way to bring in the new year with some serious style.

Pulling off this stunt will require more weight on the tail than many rookies might expect, but don’t forget to leverage your arms to help pull off the 360. With a bit of practice, you’ll be doing this with ease in no time.

#3: You can never go wrong with the method

The method is a classic trick that’s easily earned its place in the hearts of snowboarders around the globe. Sometimes called the king of grabs due to its massive popularity, being able to easily pull off the method will earn you serious prestige on the slopes without jeopardizing your health or the quality of your equipment.

#4: The classic backflip

No snowboarder can earn his or her place in the hall of fame without being able to pull off a classic backflip, long revered for remaining incredibly impressive without becoming too complicated. Don’t let going upside down scare you; it’s easier than many rookies believe, you just have to learn how to conquer your fears.

You’ll need a particularly steep takeoff to pull a backflip off, and pulling off a backflip requires total commitment. Launching your arms and eyes backwards to get some inertia will be necessary to pull this

trick off and may require some strength training, but accomplishing your first backflip is something every snowboarder remembers for the rest of their life.

#5: Moving on to the backside rodeo

Once you’ve mastered your backflips, 2018 may just be the year that you pull off a backside rodeo, a tricky stunt that takes some time to master but shouldn’t be insurmountable for any veteran snowboarder. To truly pull off this stunt, you’ll need to pop hard so that you get sufficient enough rotation not to crash and burn, and will need to master looking backwards over your shoulder as you bring your board up for the grab, unless you want to taste the powder and be forced to turn in early.

Mastering any snowboarding trick will take serious dedication, and enough passion to risk possible injury in the pursuit of greatness. Veteran snowboarders understand that putting yourself out there and risking it all is the only true way to master the world’s greatest stunts, however, and if you start small and work your way up slowly, you’ll soon be pulling off epic stunts with little effort.

Be sure that you have the right board for the job, and have your friends assembled and ready to be wowed by your craziest stunt; after all, what’s the point of pulling off some high-octane tricks if there’s no one there to impress?

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