5 Best Places To Go Skiing In North America

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North America remains one of the finest places in the world for finding the best ski lodges and experiences around, yet many tourists have little idea of where to start when it comes to planning out their next ski trip. Rather than wandering aimlessly in pursuit of a ski resort that’s perfect for you, it’s worthwhile to review a list of the top places to go skiing in North America so that you can get right to the action.

Here are 5 of the best places to go skiing in North America this year, and why their slopes are so perfect.

1. Hit up Breckenridge on a budget

Breckenridge, Colorado, remains one of the most popular ski locations in America because it’s fantastic local culture and serene slopes. Crowd capacity is everything when it comes to stellar ski resorts, so you’ll be pleased to discover that Breckenridge has been famed for years for the town’s impressive ability to manage the huge influx of tourists and athletes it receives each ski season. The location is highly desirable whether you’re a solo-skier or a group in search of a family-friend location with a wide variety of skiing locations.

Making sure that you’ve made a proper budget for your trip is an essential part of making your North American ski experience the time of your life, so be sure to review some tips for hitting up Breckenridge on a budget but still getting your money’s worth.

2. Travel to Big White in Canada

One of Canada’s most popular family resorts, Big White is one of the premium skiing locations that North America has to offer to the world. The champagne-powder of Big White’s slopes give you an unrivaled powder skiing experience, so those who are looking for such a trip would be hard pressed to find a better location than Big White. As the largest ski-in/ski-out village in Canada, too, Big White also enjoys thoroughly well-developed infrastructure and is just a stone’s throw from nearby Kelowna.

Those in pursuit of a Canadian ski trip adventure should certainly give Big White a glance before making a final decision on their destination. After Big White, they should also check out…

3. Lake Louise offers an unbeatable ski season

For those looking for an immensely long ski season in North America, you need look no further than Lake Louise, which offers up to 6 months of amazing snow every year for skiers everywhere to test their moves on. This world-class terrain isn’t just gorgeous, but enduring, meaning the biggest resort in the Canadian Rockies can service your ski ambitions for nearly half of a year without issue. Lake Louise is one of those towns that is, for many reasons, considered one of the best ski towns in America. With over 3,000 feet of vertical, the mountains of Lake Louise are sought out by athletes from all over the world, with the resort having been featured in World Cup Downhill racing in the past.

Back in 2017, the World Ski Awards even named Lake Louise the best ski resort in Canada. If that doesn’t make this location worth your attention, nothing will.

4. Vail Ski Resort is getting bigger

For those in search of a ski resort that’s so worthy of attention that it’s recently been greenlit for expansion comes the famous Vail Ski Resort in Colorado, one of the largest in the continental US. With generous servings of snow showering over the terrain each year, Vail provides you with plenty of powder to shred if you’re in pursuit of the ultimate skiing adventure. The resort is so popular with major ski tourist groups that it’s recently been forced to solicit approval to expand into a neighboring area.

The good news is that Vail Ski resort recently had its request approved and is now set to get even bigger than ever before. Skiers who want the bragging rights of visiting Vail before some major work is initiated should hurry up and book their tickets now before it’s too late.

5. Jackson Hole’s beauty is legendary

For one of the best ski experiences in the world, skiers routinely visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of the impressive Grand Tetons. These mountains help give meaning to the world “majestic,” with the scenic beauty of this area being perhaps totally unrivaled in all of North America. If hiking, seeing the sights, and taking in local wildlife is part of what you consider an amazing ski adventure then Jackson Hole was made for you.

This kind of area wasn’t made for beginners, however, so those about to foray into Jackson Hole for the first time should amply prepare by reading the first timer’s guide. Not only will this introduce you to the local area, but it will also prepare you for the awesome experience that these towering slopes can offer you. Be sure to check out nearby Yellowstone National Park if you opt for Jackson Hole, as a visit there could be the perfect culmination of your legendary ski tip.

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